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Carpet Washing ritual of Mashhad Ardehal

Global registration » Carpet Washing ritual of Mashhad Ardehal
Carpet Washing ritual of Mashhad Ardehal

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Published On : sunday 8 April 1393

The proposal to register the Carpet Washing ritual in 2009 along with 3 other cases of Sherbafi, Zilubafi and rose oil extraction techniques were sent to the Institute of Anthropology of the Cultural Heritage Organization, which was registered in the National Heritage List in 2010. After the national registration, the world registration proposal for this work was organized by the Research Institute. After reviewing the criteria, the research institute began the registration of the ritual. Because of its national registration, the Anthropology Institute assigned its world registration to the Department of Anthropology. By the end of the relevant studies over the matter and data gathering for registration the documents were sent to the UNESCO office in 2010. Obviously, UNESCO registration requires special procedures including collection and compilation of data in specific and standard formats. A case sent to the UNESCO office in 2010 was returned to the organization's research institute due to the defects in the compilation and the lack of necessary documents and documentation, including video and photo. Considering the significance of the issue, the research institute re-enacted this record and reviewed the case. During meetings with Dr. Parmoun, the head of the intangible heritage of the Central Office of the Central and Eastern Asia, necessary steps were taken to review the case. Due to the changes in the format of documentations, new films and photos of the details of the ritual were prepared. The other documents were the legal representations for the public acceptance. Among them was the public consent letter of Fin and Khaveh districts in a three-meter petition, which was amended to the file. Also, the consent of the deputy governor and the special governor of Kashan, some of the authorities who were engaged in the rituals or provided services and facilities on the day and some other documents were attached to the file, such as: the Cultural Heritage Office, the Islamic Guidance Bureau, the Islamic Propaganda Organization, the Office of the Endowment and Charities, Islamic Council of Kashan, Kashan Municipality, Prefectures, Artistic Field of the traditional carpet cleaning washing of Fin and Khaveh distreicts.
The review and collection of documents, as well as the compilation, translation, and editing of the case lasted until June, 2012 and it was sent afterward to the UNESCO office in July and was approved by the UNESCO Office in September. Finally, it was registered in the list of intangible properties of the UNESCO Organization.

By : Abbas Torabzadeh

Source : All Rights Reserved By Kashan CHT