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Published On : saturday 9 March 1394

Kashan, the cradle of civilization, has its robust roots fixed deep in the heart of the 9000-year-old hills of Sialk, where those old civilizations belonging to grand ancient Iran are buried. Lying alongside the edge of the desert, kashan, the land of unique architecture and magnificent buildings, is the place where the desert and mountain dance together. Kashan shines itself like a pearl in such various fields as science, theology, philosophy, jurisprudence, literature, arts and politics. This city has been the origin of numerous intellectuals, preachers, scholars, poets and artists such as           Kamal el Molk, the great painter, Qiasedin Jamshid, the great mathematician, Allama Feiz Kashani, the great religious scholar, and a number of great poets namely, Mohtasham, Sohrab Sepehri, Kalim, Sepideh Kashani.
Kashan welcomingly hosts tourists and Iranologists from all around the world……. In Other words, a journey as long as only 20 kilometers provides access to either the mountain or the desert. This feature has marked a milestone in the development of Kashan ecotourism and managed to attract a large number of tourists. The city of Kashan enjoys an urban area rich in culture, history and architecture. What proves this claim is the presence of 1600 discovered historical sites, many to be discovered, from which 330 have been registered as national heritage and 10 as intangible heritage.  This presence of numerous cultural, historical and architectural resources including the 9000-year-old Sialk area, the UNESCO world heritage site of Fin Garden, over 600 historical houses, a multitude of underground water reservoirs, famous historical mosques such Aqabozorg mosque, religious sites and shrines, varied handicrafts and rich archeological background has marked Kashan as the cardle of Iranian civilization.
The UNESCO World Heritage Center has declared three properties from Kashan as the world heritage including Fin Garden Museum, Kashan carpet weaving as well as cultural-traditional ritual of Carpet Washing in Ardehal village. It is also noteworthy that kashanian crafters have managed to receive 12 UNESCO Certificates of Authenticity and 3 national trophies for handicrafts. It is an undeniable fact that Kashan deserves more attention and thus more scientific research projects in order to gain deeper knowledge of its significant role in the Iranian history and civilization and also to recognize the geographical, cultural, political and social impacts it has had on Iranian history through introducing numerous scientific and literary figures as well as possessing a wide variety of dialects and accents used in its surrounding towns and villages.
Growing interest in Kashan as a cultural-historical tourism destination has resulted in considerable infrastructural development in tourist amenities. A number of newly built accommodation establishments including hotels, boutique hotels and hostels have boosted the accommodation capacity of the city to 1240 bed-places. The city is now highly ready to host millions of annual visitors which are attracted either by its four tourist areas of Qamsar, Niasar, Barzok and Nashalj as well as 14 tourist villages in the mountainous side of the city or by the spectacular vast desert in the other side. The number of visitors to Kashan rose by 70 percent for foreign tourists and 30 percent for domestic ones during the first quarter of the year 2014 compared to the same period in 2013. Sultan Ali Ibn Imam Muhammad al-Baqir (PBUH)'s shrine which is known as the second Karbala for shite muslims, the ancient hill of Sialk as the origin of human civilization as early as 7500 years ago, Aqabozorg Mosque as a unique mosque in the Middle East, The Abbasies' house as the winner of Architectural Excellence Award, The Tababaies' house as a pearl among Iranian historical houses and Fin garden as the UNESCO World Heritage site are only a drop in the ocean of Kashan's  historical, cultural and religious attractions.

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