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Kashan e-Tourism Committee

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Published On : friday 28 December 1394

Leading and developing e-government in the executive bodies, and also managing the tasks and duties of different departments such as education, business the IT and e-government development workgroup have been established in the Cultural Heritage office of Kashan in  accordance with the Decree No. 562/93/206 of the Supreme Administrative Council dated 10 Apr 2014  entitled "Development of e-Government and Smart Administration" and Resolution No. 7740/93 / 206 of the Supreme Administrative Council dated 1 Sep 2014 entitled " The Electronic Services Development Code in the Executive Body "and the Supreme Council of Information Technology Act No. 145/200, entitled" Technical and Executive Criteria for the Development of Electronic Government ".
Specialist committees are made to set the goals and manage the duties of the workgroup. Decisions of the committees are effective after the approval of the workgroup, and the workgroup may delegate its authority to the relevant committee. Electronic Tourism Committee is one of the four committees formed in this regard. The committee consists of the Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Office, municipalities (all sectors), terminals, guilds and associations, Police Department, the Intelligence Office, representative of the governor and 2 experts in this field.

The following tasks are among the main duties of the committee:
1-    Preparing and developing tourism comprehensive plan for the city.
2-    Utilizing local and global new technologies in the field of e-Tourism.
3-    Providing facilities to use modern technologies for e-Tourism.
4-    Planning e-Tourism training courses for activists in this field.
5-    Using approved tourism software (e.g. reservation and notification software).
6-    Providing a special certificate of approval for technical standards of e-Tourism activists.
7-    Supporting creative plans in e-Tourism and conducting seminars and exhibitions of    e-Tourism for members of this industry.
8-    Providing suggestions to solve e-Tourism infrastructural problems (computer, software, website, staff training, etc.) in tourist information offices.
9-    Setting up a comprehensive database to introduce tourism infrastructures for better tourist receiving and capital absorption.
10-    Establishing interactive platforms with world tourism centers and international organizations.
11-    Managing, supervising and supporting e-Tourism services.
12-    Developing e-commerce for tourism industry in the city.
The committee welcomes ideas and cooperation suggestions via email or contact points of +983155228739 and +989132633549 – Mr.Abdullah Zadeh.

Alireza Abdullah Zadeh
Secretary of Kashan e-Tourism Committee


By : Kashan Tourism Committee

Source : Secretary of Kashan Tourism Committee