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Published On : wednesday 20 December 1393

Kashan Puppet and Toy Museum
Traces of childhood games could be found anywhere throughout the history of mankind. Like any other cultural items the concept of childhood games and toys has also been transmitted from one generation to the next. This cultural reproduction could be observed in similarities between ancient and contemporary toys and puppets.
Unlike today, when toys are produced in factories and workshops, in the past people used to make toys at home. The toys were creatively made from simple materials at hand such as wood, stone, tree leaves and cloth either by the child themselves or by their parents or occasionally by more professional craftsmen and artists like woodworkers, carpenters, metalsmiths or potters.
There is a precious collection of old toys and dolls in this museum.
 Another part of the museum displays the long history of puppetry in Iran which dates back 1000 years according to written documents. Puppet shows used to be performed by itinerant puppeteers moving around in the markets and other public places. It was also performed in celebrations and parties. With the advent of TV and other modern entertainments, puppetry lost popularity to an extent that today it exits in very few villages and little towns. 40 years ago, a group of researchers started to study this forgotten performing art and attempted to find the remaining puppeteers and provided them with the opportunity to perform on TV and in different festivals in order to revive puppetry. Such attempts have continued to exist until today and their results can be realized in the old puppet collection in this museum.
Different sections of the museum are as follows:
-    The oldest Iranian puppets from the Qajar period
-    Ethnic toys and dolls from different regions in Iran
-    Toys from other countries
-    a wide range of various toys since 100 years ago; from the toys made of wood, stone, clay, pottery and cloth to the first modern plastic and metal toys
-    Traditional puppet shows based on old Iranian scripts
-    puppet and toy making workshops in which visitors learn how to make their own puppets
-    Handmade toys and puppets store
-    Restaurant and cafe in the yard which serves excellent traditional meals and drinks
Address: No 43 - Allame alley - opposite the Tabatabaies’ House, Kashan

By : Cultural Heritage Office

Source : Cultural Heritage Office