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Published On : friday 15 December 1393

Located in Aran & Bidgol, Imamzadeh Helal Ibn Ali’s holy shrine enjoys a specific architecture characterized by a dome, two minarets, spacious northern and southern courtyards with guest rooms, a caravanserai, high balconies, a cellar with a pool inside and old wind towers.

The construction of this building goes back to the Safavid period (1501-1736) and it has been renovated several times thus far. The interiors of the building are decorated with watercolor paintings. There is a marble plate in the northern balcony just above the entrance which is inscribed with some information about the construction of this monument. There is also a script carved on the wooden front door which provides some information about the person who endowed the door to the holy shrine during the Qajar period, in 1849. There are a number of graves, which belong to scholars and religious figures of Aran, inside the shrine, on the balconies and in the courtyards. The gravestones are inscribed with a different date of death.

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By : میراث فرهنگی کاشان

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