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Published On : friday 15 December 1393

The Sialk area is located in the southwest of Kashan to the right side of Kashan-Fin road. This area embraces two hills, the northern hill (cemetery A) and the southern hill (cemetery B) which are 600 meters apart. 3500-year-old cemetery A which used to be located 200 meters south of the area has been destroyed to build Amir el Momenin boulevard ,and cemetery B which dates back at least 3000 years is covered by farms and gardens located in the west side of the hill. The only remaining part is a ziggurat which is 15.94 meters high and comprises a 3-story terraced platform with a landing on the first platform and a flight of stairs. This is one of the oldest ziggurats in Iran.

In 1933 in Paris, after finding some beautiful pottery items which had previously been discovered during explorations in Sialk, the French National Museum advisory board embarked on obtaining permission to begin excavations in the Sialk area and later on this task was assigned to a French archaeological delegation led by Roman Ghirshman. The Sialk area underwent archaeological investigations in 1933, 1934 and 1937. In 1938 in Paris, the findings of the investigations were immediately published in a French book entitled Sialk Excavations near Kashan. 70 years later, between 2002-2007, new investigations were conducted under the supervision of Dr. Sadegh Malik Shahmirzadi so as to revise the findings


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