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Published On : friday 15 December 1393

Located in the historical neighborhood of Alavi street, The Boroujerdies' House is one of the most astonishing and famous historical houses in Kashan. This House was owned by Jafar Natanzi from the Boroujerdies family, a famous merchant who lived in the 19th century. Apparently according to the inscriptions found inside the house, the construction process began in 1875 under the supervision of master architect Ali Maryam and took 18 years to complete.
The priceless paintings and plasterworks decorating this house are masterpieces created by the         well-known Iranian painter Kamal-el Molk. The house is mainly famous for its marvelous                       wind towers, i.e. natural ventilation systems used in the traditional Persian architecture.


-- لینک بازدید مجازی خانه تاریخی بروجردیها :

By : میراث فرهنگی کاشان

Source : میراث فرهنگی کاشان