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Published On : thursday 30 November 1393

The art of crafting copper containers by hammering copper plates and bars is called coppersmithing. It dates back to the early human discoveries of iron and copper ore and the methods to extract the metals. Before the invention of foundry factories to cast metals in special shapes, human beings crafted their primary tools by hammering copper pieces found in nature. According to the discovered objects, people began to use copper as a commodity in the early decades of 4000 BC. They made arrows, stitching awls, pins, etc. by hammering method.Founding copper minesin the old ages in Kerman and Anarak of Isfahanwas the main reason for the prevalence of copper tools in these cities up to now. The main copper productsare dishes in various sizes. Small containers are made out of a hammered plate of copper and are usually concave in shape. In this case, they flatten the copper plate and twist it in each round of hammering to make larger pots and containers which require a lot of skill. In order to make very large containers the coppersmith makes a cylindrical shape and attaches a circular plate to its bottom to make a container. In order to attach them, they are jagged in the edges and weaved to each other; this stageis called the fixation stage. The edge is hammered by different types of steel hammers to achieve a smooth and leveled surface. Copper wares are crafted by a thick piece of plate and finalize in a thinner and shaped container. The crafted containers include a wide range of utensils such as pot, caldron, cap, colander, bowls, jugs, and trays. The most commonly used copper products are tin coated for a better appearance. In order to do so the crafted object is heated and coated with a thin layer of tin. The tinsmith also known as whitesmith is not necessarily a coppersmith but he has skills in making tin wares.


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