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Metal Chiseling

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Published On : thursday 30 November 1393

Drawing patterns and images on metal surfaces such as copper, brass, gold and silver using chisels is called metal chiseling. It is a decorative style that the early humans used as they got to know the metals and their specifications. Today it is one of the art projects in Iran, which is categorized under metal works in handicraft arts. This millennia old artistic metalwork is commonly practiced in various styles and methods in Isfahan. In order to work on a surface, the artist covers it with tar or bitumen. The bitumen layer must keep the general form and shape of the metal and avoid any sudden perforation during chiseling. The pattern is drawn on the surface with charcoal and half carved by a cold chisel. It is possible to draw imaginary patterns without and pre-sketching. Then the pattern is carved in detail with cold and pointed chisels of different sizes and shapes as round, flat, conical, U-shaped, almond-shaped, etc.
When the chiseling stage is finished, it is heated to remove the bitumen. Finally, the chiseled surface is polished and sooted to make the background black. This type of chiseling is the easiest and, at the same time, the most commonly used method. In Featured Chiseling, the surface is covered with bitumen and featured with different types of chisels. Then another layer of bitumen is laid on the backside of the surface, it is chiseled for the second time to figure the pattern in high relief. A related occupation is tin plating of copper and brass surfaces. It is used on surfaces before chiseling. The delicacy of the pattern, the uniformity of all levels of the surface and the correct layout are considered as evaluative factors of a finished product.

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