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Published On : tuesday 11 September 1393

As the name of the organization implies, Cultural heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism refers to anything remained from our antecedents which indicates the human’s route plan throughout history. Knowing this route plan could prepare the grounds for recognizing identity and cultural evolution. In other words, cultural heritage represents cultural identity of a nation. Cultural Heritage Organization was formed according to Act enacted on January 13th, 1986. After secession from the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance on December 24th, 2003, this organization continued its activities under the title of Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization and took responsibilities in such fields as research, supervision, reviving and preserving traditional arts and handcrafts and tourism. some of the most important responsibilities of this organization are as follows: preparing, planing and implementing research programs - analyzing archeological research and scientific explorations - implementing ethnographic and anthropological studies - researching traditional arts as well as reviving, preserving and developing them - inscribing movable and immovable artifacts in the  National and World Heritages List - performing all juridical affairs exclusively; proceeding for redemption of cultural works and prevent from illegal excavations; preparing and conducting necessary plans to protect, secure, repair and revive the works; ascertaining the frontage of buildings, complexes and historical and ancient registered areas; establishing, developing and administrating the museums; regulating and conducting educational programs to prepare skilled forces and other related affairs.
   By codifying long and short time programs, Kashan cultural heritage, handicrafts and tourism office has made all efforts to achieve above-mentioned goals and has used all available capacities to make them come true. It has made continuous endeavors in partnership with other organizations of province to revive the works, promote the tourism and revive the handicrafts.  

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Source: Kashan Cultural Heritage Office

By : Cultural Heritage Office

Source : Cultural Heritage Office

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