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Owner's property certificate

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Owner's property certificate

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Published On : saturday 28 April 1393

 By the request of the owners and after the physical inspection of the property for identification the Department of Protection of Movable Properties of the Organization register itsphysical appearance in public certificates. It is done through an exact inspection and measurements, as well as photographing the specific intricacies of the property. Every historical property as same as a living body might suffers from burnout and damages over time. These damages are different according to the environmental circumstances and conditions. They have to be fully inspected and recorded for the effect of damages. It is essential in scheduling the repairing programs of each and every property which is in desperate need of repairing and restoration.
 Procedures of a public certificate issuance for any cultural historical object:
- Presenting the cultural monument by the owner of the property
- Evaluation of the property by the expert to issue a certificate
- Photographing and providing the public certificate by the property expert
- Providing photo certificates to owners of up to 20 historical cultural objects
- Providing a public identity form with a CD of photographs of the objects for owners of more than 20 historical cultural objects

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