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The request for a museum

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The request for a museum

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Published On : saturday 28 April 1393

Applicants for the establishment of the museum (private and participatory) will need to study the stages of the museum's content plan, design their plans in the form specified below and deliver to the protection group of historical cultural monuments office located at IbnSina Avenue, Shahshahan Square (phone +98 0314488068).

Here are some definitions and steps to complete the content plan:

The museum planning is defined as follows:
"Creatingthe means of protection based on assessment and transmitting the message of material culture by all measures that makes a museum functional to its full extent."

Museums duties:
- A place to protect historical monuments
- Artistic (research, study,categorizing works)
- Educational role
- Citizens spending leisure time
- Attract domestic and foreign tourists and make money for the country

Museum planning includes:
- Determine main and long term objectives for the museum
- Museum development plan for the future
- Place the museum in a larger cultural complex and interact with it
- Financial Management
- Special needs
- Content plan
- Museum protection plan
- Museum information plan
- Museum connection with other museums (country or global)

Seven Steps to Provide Museum Content Plans:
1- Specify the subject of the museum based on study and regional need - Audience
- What is our motivation for building this museum?
- What social problems does the museum solve?
- Who are our audiences?
- Which goals defined for museums is more relevant to us?

Preparing a justification plan and determining the functions of a museum through research:
The situation of the region in terms of protecting the works
The type of climate and ecology
The location and the centrality of the place you want to visit the museum
The demographic features of the region include the tribes and people, rituals and ceremonies, clothes, traditional medicine, agriculture, and folk tales.
Historical cultural potential of the region and ancient hills and sites (if related to the subject)
2- Examining available facilities (building, credit, land, objects) of the location of the proposed museum along with maps from the geographical location
- In the event that a building's functionality is changed, a full description of the features of the buildingchange is given
- Information about the selected objects, including the number, types, and dimensions
- Photos of the building and related objects
3- Preparation of the preliminary plan and space map for the preparation of diagrams and graphs of the relationships between the various components and functions of the museum.
Physical design:
4- Provide scenarios and circulation routs in the museum - designedwith details of 3D view and plan
5. The way of displaying and selecting displaying intermediaries
6. Estimation of the required facilities to obtain the result and its compliance with the case
7- Review and analyze the current and future requirements of the project

- Statistics analysis of visitors and annual statistical data
- Provide questionnaires and periodic surveys
- Anthropology studies analysis

- Recognition of permanent museum visitors
- Targeting potential visitors and expanding the number of audiences

Required Information about the Audience:
- Age, gender, occupation, and education
- Language, religion and indigenous culture
- Educational needs of the audience

Audience groups (for the purpose of permanent or cross-sectional planning of the museum)
- People of the region
- Specialists and researchers
- Students and scholars
- Artists
- Religious minorities
- Physically disabled Groups
- Children

Required spaces:
- Permanent display halls
- Temporary display hall (with adjustable system)
- An exhibition for contemporary art
- Audioandlobby room
- Workshop and repair lab
- Creativity room for children or artists
- Workshop (publicly visible)
- Store
- A place for visitorsrest
- Treasury and quarantine room
- Library and the researcher's room
- Administrative department
- Electronic protection
- Ticket sales
- Baggage custody service and toilet room

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