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Participatory Museum

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Published On : saturday 28 April 1393

The following steps will be taken to establish participatory museums:
- Reviewing and commenting on new places and places allocated to museums by other organs in terms of the process of exploiting them.
- Conducting meetings on changing the location's functionalityfor museum
- Setting up memorandum of cooperation for participatory museums and assigning the responsibilities and obligations of the parties
- Preparing the museum's content plan and licensing museum
- Planning and monitoring of the implementation of the project by the Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization of Isfahan Province
- Preparing the interior, electrical and mechanical architectural designs of the museum
- Filing and archiving all information, documents and project drawings
- Equipping the museum using the national and provincial credits
- Call for the collection and provision of items according to the type of museum and provisions of the memorandum
- Organizing, registering and preparing objects to display in the museum
- Arranging objects in museum
- Operating the museum by the participating organization under the supervision of the Cultural Heritage Organization, along with periodical visits to the museum workflow

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