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Types of Museum

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Published On : saturday 28 April 1393

Museums are categorized in a variety of ways:
Historical and archaeological museums, open-air museums, anthropological museums, palace museums, natural science and history museums, regional and local museums, mobile museums, museum parks, artillery museums, and museum of thinkers (House of Artists)

Museum of History and Archaeology
They have a historical perspective and represent the dynasty and historical periods. Most of these works are derived from archaeological excavations, representing the culture and civilization of the past and integrating science, art and knowledge of a nation. Such museums are also called comprehensive museums. The National Museum of Iran (Ancient Iran), the National Museum of Versailles in France, and the Museum of History in Washington are of this type.

Open-air Museum or Site Museum
With the creation of these types of museums, it is possible to introduce important findings and important archaeological data. When a scientific research of archeology leads to desirable results and discovery of immaterial value and is not transferable to museums, the necessary facilities are provided in the place for public display. This is known as the Open-air Museum. Among these museums are the Persepolis in Shiraz and the Hegmataneh historical site in Hamedan or Takht-e-Soleiman in West Azarbaijan.
These museums are also common in other countries, such as China, Greece, and some other European countries. In the province of Khorasan, the historic site of "Bandian" in Gaz, which has beautiful gypsum ceiling works from the Sassanid period, as well as the historic site of "Shayakh" of Neyshabur, can be a good place for this type of museum.

Museum of Anthropology
It displays culture, customs, beliefs, clothing, and social traditions prevailing society. The Museum of Anthropology of Tehran, Ganjali Khan Bath House in Kerman, Nayin Desert Museum and Abyaneh Museum are of this type.

Palace Museums
It is a building or a historical monument of our ancestors and expresses the status and manner of life of its owners. In this building, there might be some historical objects, as well as works of art such as painting on the wall, and gypsum ceiling art. The palacemuseums are usually set up at the provincial level. The purpose of these museums is to display the work, the building, as well as the study of the museum. The palace Museumof Chehelsotun, the palace of Saadabad in Tehran, and Mashhad Malek Abad Garden are of this type.

Art museums
They exhibit a variety of visual arts and decorations with high aesthetic value and usually have a lot of visitors.The Museum of Fine Arts in Tehran and the Museum of Decorative Arts in Isfahan are of this type.

Museum of Science and Natural History
It displays the scientific experiments based on evidence, natural and historical tools and animals of different species. Isfahan's Natural History Museum and Mashhad Museum of Natural Sciences and History are of this type.

Local and regional museums
Representing the culture of a region or a particular neighborhood and only displaying the works and historical objects of the same area. The Shush Museum, the Persepolis and the Tous Museum in Khorasan are of this type.

Portable Museums
Due to the lack of facilities in deprived areas and cities these museums are established for fast promotion of cultural goals. These museums display different cultures in different places in the public domain. If enough attention is paid tothese museums, they will be very impressive.

Park Museums
They are of great importancedue to their various dimensions of science and culture, recreational and educational attractions, as well as entertainment. They display natural and biological issues for the people. An important feature of these museums is that the general public can see them. There is no museum park in Iran, but it is common in countries like China and North Korea.
The cultural, national and historical places like Ferdowsi's Tomb in Mashhad, the tomb of Attar and Khayyam in Neyshaburmight be a good place for this purpose.

Military museums
The historical process of all kinds of military and artillery weapons is displayed to all. These types include objects of military uniforms, guns and other combat gear.

Museum of Thinkers (House of Artists)
To honor the artists, writers, thinkers, and inventors of society, a museum in their private home is made and includes personal belongings, appliances and their works, which are more common in the European countries.
The houses of Shakespeare, the famous English writer and Edison, the inventor of electricity in the United States are of this type. In Iran, the house of the great musician, "Abolhassan Saba", has become a museum and includes paintings, writings and his personal belongings.

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