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Investment Perspective

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Published On : friday 27 April 1393

Located between mountains and a large desert, the city of Kashan, with a hot and dry climate, offers plenty of splendid attractions to the tourists. Tourist attractions are divided into three categories: natural, historical-cultural and artificial sites. Artificial or man-made attractions need more investment in order to provide proper accommodation and therefore attract more tourists. Khurshid-Ardehal and Golab (including the birds' garden) Recreational Complexes have been built in recent years. Historical attractions have also been created by human, yet their historical features more specific and for this reason they are known as historical attractions. Cultural-historical and natural attractions have the biggest share in tourist sites of the city.
Investment in each region varies depending on the population, social fabric, and historical-cultural and natural attractions. Investments should be in accordance with the cultural intricacies of people, nature and society and not interrupt or have a negative impact on them. With this explanation, it can be said that in small towns and villages with numerous cultural, ritual, historical and natural attractions, large investments and construction of tourist facilties beyond the local capacity is not economical and in the long run will have a destructive impact on the cultural, social, historical and natural context of the city.
Protecting historical, cultural and natural attractions is much more important than investing in them. In some cases, abandoning a place will preserve it better than using it. Keeping the identity and integrity of these places are of prime importance and they should not be compromised. Culture has its unique popularity and attraction on the one hand, and on the other hand the unconscious distortion of that culture can also be a harmful attraction with great social popularity. But what is the correct investment? Investments should favor culture, history, social and natural fabric, and do not overlap or dominated them, it is the culture that should be privileged.
Investor's personality and character are important indicators. A tourism investor should not merely look for more economic benefits and profit. The cultural and social character of the investor should outweigh his economic personality. In other words, tourism service providers have to offer qualified services not merely for the economic benefits of the industry which may result in poor quality services as well as misuse of resources and attractions, which will not be sustainable, and might result in the discontent of tourists and the loss of resources and attractions.
Another indicator is the capacity of each area. In each area, investment should be compatible with the local potential and capacity of tourism. In cities like Barzok, Niasar, Jushaghan Ghali, kamu and Chogan, and villages like Nashalj, Dorreh and Mashhad Ardehal, investments are for small residences in the historical texture and places and camping tourism. This kind of investment has both economic justification and meets the needs of social, natural and cultural context. In Kashan, larger investments are possible for hotel construction, tourism camps and higher-value tourist attractions. The tourist routes suitable for building a tourism facility in the city of Kashan are Imam Reza Boulevard and Amir Kabir Avenue as the first options and Ghotb Ravandi Boulevard, Sanat and Danesh Boulevards and Qamsar Road as the second opportunity. Restoration of historical monuments and using it as resting places and restaurants preserves the historical background. It has also promoted a kind of low-cost investment in Kashan, centered on the valuable historical texture of the city. The historical caravansaries of Gabr Abad and Sensen in Kashan, along with the Maranjab Caravanserai in the desert, are also viable investment opportunities that can be used to revitalize residential accommodations along the road.
Another important issue is creating and inventing new opportunities for investment. Such topics which are considered significant for tourism include health tourism and the use of herbal plants and water treatment complexes, sports tourism (winter sports in mountains, mountaineering, horseback riding, paragliding, shooting, carting, etc.), agricultural tourism (cultivation of products that are specific to each region ), desert tourism, etc. These opportunities are primarily an attraction and, in the second place, they provide services to tourists. In addition to the attractions of the city, it is possible to create new attractions to absorb enthusiasts and diversifying tourism.
It is desired that the officials co-ordinate and co-authorize the comprehensive tourism plan of the city to determine the strategy and method of investment for the establishment of tourism facilities in a planned and targeted manner.
We are hopeful that with deliberate and purposeful efforts in pursuit of the 20-year development plan of the Islamic Republic of Iran in 2025, Kashan will be the  regional development model of cultural heritage at the national level.

Based on this plan Kashan, preserving its Islamic identity, is planned to be:

1. Integrated
2. Smart, creative, wisdom-oriented, attractive for life and activity
3. Knowledge-based

Description of Kashan in 2025 will be a developed place with rich cultural heritage:
- Kashan will be known for its unique cultural and historical identity
- There will be a constructive interaction between the cultural heritage and the society in order to boost the tourism value.
- Development plans' will be in correspondence with knowledge and historical experiences of the people as a valuable source of methods of activity, life and proper organization of social, cultural and economic ties.
- higher awareness will lead to an improvement in public responsibility and participation in preserving, protecting, revitalizing and using cultural heritage, handicrafts and tourism in order to highlight the identity and consolidate regional solidarity
- Tourism infrastructures and tourist attractions will be improved
- Restoration and training of handicrafts and traditional indigenous arts will be under more focus

Based on Kashan's vision of the 2025

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