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Tourist Routes

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Published On : friday 27 April 1393

Fin Route: The ancient Sialk area - Imamzadeh Hadi mausoleum in Fin - Imamzadeh Ibrahim mausoleum - Historical garden of Fin – Sulaimaniyah natural spring.

Joshaghan-Estark Route: Ravand - Emamzadeh Wali Ibn Musa Al-Kazem mausoleum - Castle of Soranj Village –Imamzadeh Mohammad Owsat mausoleum - Salaseh natural spring – Shahzadeh Qassim mausoleum- the ice house and underground water supply of Estark.

Niasar Route: Ravand - EmamzadehWali Bin Musa Al-Kazem mausoleum - Castle of Soranj Village - Historical Waterfall – Chartagi (fire temple) - Reis Historical Cave

Mashhad Ardehlal Route: Ravand – Emamzadeh Wali Bin Musa Al-Kazem mausoleum - Castle of Soranj Village - Kamal-ol-Molk's Historical House in village of Kaleh-Armak - Imamzadeh Youssef mausoleum  of Van Village - Jama Mosque, Ta'zieh  Square, underground water supply, Bibi  Roqiyah mausoleum, Qadamgah Shah Taher Ali of Nashalj Village – Imamzadeh Mahmood mausoleum of Alavi Village - Tomb of Sohrab Sepehri, Castle Complex, Painting castle, Zarinkafshcastle, Shahzade Hussein and pilgrimage of Hazrat Sultan Ali Ibn Imam Mohammad Baqirof Mashhad Ardehal.

BrazakRoute: Ravand – Emamzadeh Wali Bin Musa Al-Kazem mausoleum – The castle of Soranj – Imamzadeh Younes bin Musal al-Kazem mausoleum - Baronagh village - The tomb of Baba Afzal in Maragh village- Sa'ad Abad village - Sa'ad Abad historical water mill, Khatooni water mill, Rouhani traditional hostel , Kardan House, the Museum of Anthropology, the Castle Hill and Barzak rose oil (Golab) extraction Workshops.

QamsarRoute: Abbasi caravanserai – Imamzadeh Pirdad and Pir Suleiman mausoleum, Miandeh mosque, underground water supply - the house of Molla Mohsen Feyz Kashani, The Ehsanis' historical house – Qamsar rose oil (Golab) extraction workshops – Qazaan earthen Dam

Joshaghan and Kamu Route: Shahsavaran mausoleum – Shaykh Bahayi dam –Javinan  Jama mosque – The Mosque of Kalle village - Ali Mosque of Ghahrood village –Tarifee and Sheikhi towers ,Dej castle, Mirza Khan Tower, Imamzadeh Mir Aladdin mausoleum and the Chief's residence in Kamu village.

Meshkat Route: Ravand – Emamzadeh Wali Bin Musa Al-Kazem mausoleum – The Niknams' and The Mansouries's historical Houses, Pachenar underground water supply and mosque, Imamzadeh Suleiman Bin Musa Al-Kazem mausoleum of Meshkat - Historical Caravanserai of Sensen village


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