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This Garden enjoys a great history

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Published On : monday 14 March 2017

This Garden enjoys a great history. As claimed in some references, the construction of this garden dates back to the Buyid period. The garden buildings faced demolition after a tremendous earthquake. Later on, the buildings were redesigned and reconstructed by Jamshid al-Kashi in 1591 under the consent of King Abbas Safavid I. The garden includes structures such as an overgate building, numerous towers and bastions, Safavid and Qajar shotorgeloos, i.e specific water irrigation systems, a common bathroom, a royal bathroom, a Karim-Khan royal retreat mansion, a throne room and a museum.
Fin garden, where the abundance of buildings, pools and ditches with fountains in them portrait splendid beauty, represents Persian garden’s design to perfection.
The murder of Mirza Taqi khan (Amir Kabir) in the garden’s bathroom could be enumerated as one the most traumatic historic political events ever happened in this garden